[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: Daw'

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Mon Mar 6 07:48:54 PST 2023

Klingon Word of the Day for Sunday, March 05, 2023

Klingon word: Daw'
Part of speech: noun
Definition: revolt, revolution

lujang meQboghnom 'oH yeqchuqchu'taHghach Daw' je joqwI' 
They reply it is the {meQboghnom}, the banner of unity and revolution. (PB)

(KGT 157):  Someone unsatisfied with the status quo, a rebel, might be said to want to {ngup qaD} (challenge those in charge; literally, "challenge the cape"). 

   In 2267 Klingon agent Kras supported the Maab's revolt against the High Tier Akaar (leader of the "ten tribes of Capella") in hopes the new leader would award the Klingon Empire the rights to mine the rare mineral topaline on Capella IV. (TOS "Friday's Child")

Daw'  		revolt (v)

QuD 		insurrection (n)
'urmang 	treason (n)
QuS 		conspiracy (n)

qIQ 		mutiny (stage a coup??) (v)
lotlh 		rebel (v)
magh 		betray, act against (v)
bol 		betray (someone) [slang v.]
'ur 		commit treason (v)
HeS 		commit a crime (v)
QuS 		conspire (v)

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