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Tue Jan 24 07:19:05 PST 2023

Klingon Word of the Day for Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Klingon word: 	nan
Part of speech: 	verb
Definition: 	use the fourth toe
Source: 	HQ (10:2 p11)

One of the toe verbs. The others are {mar/marwI'} big toe, {Hom/HomwI'} second toe, {roS/roSwI'} third toe, and {Qay'/Qay'wI'} little toe.

(HQ 10.2:11):  The verbs {nan} "use the fourth toe" and {nan} "gouge" are probably etymologically related, since {nan} is used to refer to a particularly effective martial arts kick.

 (KGT 79):  Statues are carved of stone ({nagh}, rock, stone) by various techniques. Thus, among other things, the sculptor ({Hew chenmoHwI'} [literally, "statue creator") may {nan} (gouge), {tey} (scrape), or {ghItlh} (engrave).

PUN:  "This little piggy had none"

nan  		gouge (v)
nanwI'  		chisel (n)
nanwI'  		fourth toe (n)

mI' 		do martial arts movements, calisthenics, etc. (v)
pup 		kick (v)

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