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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, January 21, 2023

Klingon word: 	tIr
Part of speech: 	noun
Definition: 	grain
Source: 	TKD

(KGT 89f):  if [the meat] is fresh, the 'cook' may {pID} it, which involves coating it with herbed granulated cartilage (not necessarily from the same animal) mixed with some kind of {tIr} (grain) and doing very little else. The name of the granulated cartilage is {ngat}, which has also come to mean gunpowder. Meat prepared in this way is sometimes described as {wamwI' Ha'DIbaH} (hunter's meat), but the specific animal name is usually used instead of the word {Ha'DIbaH} (meat)

(KGT 93):  A particularly popular dish, {tlhombuS}, requires that the cook coat a block of {tlhagh} [animal fat] with a mixture of {ngat} (herbed granulated cartilage) and {tIr} (grain) and then briefly immerse the block into the already boiling fat, just until the coating hardens.

(KGT 95):  Domestic {HIq} is distilled from a number of different kinds of grain ({tIr}), with some additional constituents (of both plant and animal origin, including {'Iw}, blood) adding flavor and strength.

meyIS tIr 	sweet corn (n)
ray' tIr 		rice (n)
tIr ngat  	bread crumbs (n) (Alice)
tIr ngogh  	bread (n) (i.e. a loaf) 
  - Ha'DIbaH ghIH tIr ngogh je   "burger" (n) (TNK)
tIr ngogh QaD  	toast (n) TNK

N.B.  Do not confuse with the verb {tIr} "be arranged in a stack, be superimposed".

loSpev 		quadrotriticale (n)
naH 		fruit/vegetables (n)
tI 		vegetation (n)
San'emDer 	plant (n)
Sor 		tree (n)
lav 		shrub (n)

poch 		plant (v)
yob 		harvest (v)

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