[tlhIngan Hol] Pronouns and noun suffixes, prefix trick and *bID*

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Fri Jan 13 07:35:20 PST 2023

On 1/13/2023 6:25 AM, luis.chaparro--- via tlhIngan-Hol wrote:
> 1. Can we use all noun suffixes with pronouns as long as it makes sense, or is there any canonical limitation?

There are no syntactic limitations.

> 2.*SoHvaD paq vInob*  and*paq qanob*  are both grammatical. Is there any (canonical) difference between them (e.g. one is more formal, the other coloquial etc.)?

I believe there is no known difference between them. One is not more 
formal than the other.

> 3. Can we use*bID*  before and after a noun and, if it is so, what's the difference?

Others have asked this. I think we don't have a canonical answer, but 
there's a summary of the issue here: http://klingon.wiki/Word/BID

Basically, ask yourself: is the thing X you're talking about identified 
as an X or is it something a little different than an X by being smaller 
or shorter or lesser ("half")? Whatever the thing is is the head noun in 
the noun-noun construction (the last noun).


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