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Check out the music video for "Higher Power" by Coldplay:


The title of the song, "Higher Power", is shown in Kaotican script, for the language of the planet Kaotica. Kaotican script is just Wingdinglish, though, like those alphabets on Futurama. But doesn't it look a lot like pIQaD? (Coldplay's solar system the Spheres has twelve alien scripts, and this one is the most pIQaD-like.)

That's not the only connection to Klingon I wanted to bring up, though. After I watched the video, I had a dream that I had asked Marc Okrand for some insect names in Klingon: grasshopper, moth, ladybug, etc. In the dream, Marc Okrand undertook an experiment with some people on the autistic spectrum, wherein they all put on costumes like those of different insects and experimented with what it felt like to fly around in them. As I watched them fly, there was a whirring "ruff" of blades, like the flying aliens wear later in the "Higher Power" video; obviously my dream was influenced by the music video.

Marc's original idea was to name each insect after the first name + last name (Klingonized) of the person in that insect's costume. However, when the experiment was through, it turned out that NONE of the ngurwI'pu' wanted their names disclosed -- so Marc couldn't reveal ANY of the new insect words! I was pretty disappointed.

And after I woke up, I realized that Klingon already does have a word for "grasshopper": *mIHneS*. (Which looks a lot like the Coldplay character Major *Minus* from Silencia . . . der-der-der . . . )
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