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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, September 24, 2022

Klingon word: pab buv
Part of speech: noun
Definition: part of speech
Source: Email from De'vID

(De'vID < MO, 2/17/2018):  {pab buv} is good for part of speech.

(TKD 51):  By far the bulk of Klingon words are nouns and verbs. There are a few others which, probably as an expedient, Klingon grammarians lump together in a group called {chuvmey} leftovers. It is possible to classify the {chuvmey} some-what." 

[ i.e. pronouns (TKD 5.1), numbers (TKD 5.2), conjunctions (TKD 5.3), adverbials (TKD 5.4), exclamations (TKD 5.5) and names (TKD 5.6) ]

(Captain Krankor, "{'Iv} and {nuq} as Pronouns", "The Grammarian's Desk", HQ [issue?]: p.24–25):  Remember, categories such as pronoun, question word, adverbial, and the like are convenient classification added by Terran scholars. Klingon grammarians classify all such words as {chuvmey}, leftovers. So, {jIH}, {SoH}, and {maH} are the same type of words as {'Iv} and {nuq} and it would seem completely reasonable for them to behave similarly.

pab  		grammar (n)
buv  		classification (n)

DIp 		noun (n)
wot 		verb (n)
chuvmey 	leftovers (n)

lIw mu’  	pronoun (gram) (n)

SeSor 		subject (n)
'ovmay 		direct object (n)
vI'Hop 		indirect object (n)

moHaq 		prefix (n)
mojaq 		suffix (n)

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