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My issue about all of these examples is that they could be an equivalent of a title instead of apposition. When we say Mr. Smith, we don’t call that apposition, even though Mr. and Smith are both referring to the same person, as we do in apposition, “my cousin, David”.

I’m not claiming that I know it’s not apposition. I’m just wondering.

Home-world might, in that culture, be a title, like the difference between “Miss” and “Mrs.” Some women are married. Some aren’t. Some worlds are homes for inhabitants. Others have no inhabitants, and so, are not home-worlds.

I simply don’t think it’s obvious what is the boundary between what we take as apposition or title. I’m guessing it’s like the difference between a noun-noun construction and a compound noun. The line is fuzzy and habitual use seems to be the mechanism for transition from one to the other.

I will confess that this is part of that philosophical overthinking branch of how alien languages can get. Is it a lot like we think of language, or does it stretch out farther than we are tempted to think it does? I don’t know.


charghwI’ ‘utlh
(ghaH, ghaH, -Daj)

> On Sep 17, 2022, at 7:26 AM, luis.chaparro at web.de wrote:
> Thank you again, Voragh, Lieven and ghunchu'wI' for your help!
> ghunchu'wI':
>> The example that I think is most compelling comes from Skybox SP1 Qo'noS wo' Empire of Kronos:
>> ...juHqo' Qo'noSvo' loghDaq lengtaHvIS tlhInganpu'...
>> ...During the...[travel] of the Klingon people from their homeworld of Kronos into space...
>> This apparent apposition puts the Type 5 noun suffix on only the final noun. It's not a simple noun-noun construction; if it were, I would have expected it to be in the other order.
> This is indeed a very good example. There are also the examples with names of ships, like:
> *DIvI' 'ejDo' 'entepray'Daq Dajollu'* - /Get beamed aboard the USS Enterprise./ (/Star Trek Experience/)
> *qIvo'rIt toQDuj 'oH tlhIngan wo' Duj pagh'e'* - /The Imperial Klingon Vessel Pagh is a K'Vort-class Bird-of-Prey./ (/SkyBox#7/) By the way, why is in the title of this card also the suffix *-'e' *? Is this an error or am I missing something?
> So, leaving apart the question about what an apposition is in Klingon, it seems that type 5 suffixes always come on the last noun (?).
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