[tlhIngan Hol] Appositions with type 5 suffixes / I'm cold, I'm hot

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Fri Sep 16 04:15:48 PDT 2022

Thank you, Voragh, for the excellent information!

> Qugh la'vaD QIn pav.
> [Urgent message for Commander Kruge.] (ST3 DVD case)

> This may hold true for the other Type 5 noun suffixes {-Daq}, [-mo'], {-vaD}, and {-vo'}. Then again, it may not; {-'e'} is kind of a special case.

Well, *Qugh la'vaD QIn pav* is an example with *-vaD* :-) Is it considered canon?

> charghwI' suggested {*Berlin* vengDaq} for “in the city of Berlin” or "in Berlin city". We have examples of this pattern translated both ways: {qebeq veng} "Quebec City" [qepHom 2018] and {qamchIy veng ghoSlI' qotar} "Kotar heads for the city of Qam-Chee" [PB]. Although neither example has any suffixes, that's how I would do it until Maltz tells us otherwise.

I've found a similar example from the *paq'batlh* with a type 5 suffix:

SIqral bIQtIqDaq
joqtaHbogh molor tIqDu’ qem qeylIS
bIQ DoqDaq tlhabmoH

*SIqral bIQtIqDaq*, *to the river Skral*.

If Klingons consider titles and names of regions, rivers etc. to be in apposition, is another question :-)

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