[tlhIngan Hol] Appositions with type 5 suffixes / I'm cold, I'm hot

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Tue Sep 13 06:51:25 PDT 2022

Because it doesn't tell us how to use {bIr}, Lieven left out the punchline from that KGT (p.105) reference:

   If it is desirable to close the window, the Klingon will 
   simply say, {Qorwagh yISoQmoH} ("Close the window!").


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Am 12.09.2022 um 20:07 schrieb Will Martin:
> 2. Great question. So far as I know {jIbIr} means “I’m cold,” 
> synonymous to “I feel cold”, and if you want to say “My body is cold”, 
> you’d say {bIr porghwIj.}

There is some canon for this, but the answer is still not so clear:

  When a Federation citizen on Earth says "It's rather chilly in this room," he or    
  she may really mean "I am uncomfortably cold and want somebody to close 
  the window." The Klingon sentence {pa'vamDaq jIbIr} means "I am cold in this 
  room" ({pa'vamDaq,} "in this room"; {jIbIr,} "I am cold") – nothing more, 
  nothing less. (KGT, p. 105)

I'm not sure if this leaves room for interpretation. Maybe we have more canon examples on the usage of {bIr}.

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