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Klingon Word of the Day for Sunday, September 04, 2022

Klingon word: taD
Part of speech: verb
Definition: be frozen

Freeze! [i.e. Stand perfectly still!] KCD

["Freeze!" shouted by Gowron] STK

Freeze yourself! ("Cause yourself to be frozen!") KGT

(KGT 117):  These are idiomatic ways to give the command "Don't move!"  The word {yItaD} is used when speaking to an individual; {petaD} is used when giving the command to a group. The verb {taD} means "be frozen", and it is used here in a peculiar, though not really ungrammatical, way. Generally, when a verb describing a state of being (for example, {tuj} [be hot]) is used in the imperative form, the suffixes {-'egh} (reflexive suffix) and {-moH} (cause) are used as well:  {yItuj'eghmoH} (Heat yourself!—that is, Cause yourself to be hot!), {yItaD'eghmoH!} (Freeze yourself!--that is, Cause yourself to be frozen!). When {taD} is used in the idiomatic sense of not move, however, it is treated as if a verb describing an activity, such as {yIt} (walk): {yIyIt!} (Walk!).

  "Rura Penthe is a frozen asteroid used by Klingons as a penal colony for enemies of the Empire..." (TKW 190)

nIm qulcher taD 	ice cream (n)

bIr 			be cold (v)
Sub 			be solid (v)
peD 			snow (v)
tet 			melt (v)
chuch 			ice (n)

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