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IIRC it was a collectible watch (ca. 1997?) from Paramount called {tlhIngan tlhaq} ("Star Trek Klingon digital watch).  According to my notes there were buttons labeled:

po          “morning” was used for "A.M."
pov        “afternoon” was used for "P.M."
lIS           “adjust, moderate" set various display values
cher       “establish, set up “ set the time display
ghum    “(sound an) alarm” set the mode annunciator

If you search Google for “star trek klingon digital watch” you’ll find a few images. E.g.

and a couple of ads on eBey:

Sadly I don’t have one but maybe someone here does.


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Po    "A.M." (Paramount's Star Trek Klingon digital watch)

nuq 'oH Dochvam'e'?

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