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Klingon word: 	rur
Part of speech: 	verb
Definition: 	resemble
Source: 	TKD

SuvwI' juHmey rur tachmey 
Bars resemble warriors' homes. (CK)

Dejpu'bogh Hov rur qablIj 
Your face looks like a collapsed star! (PK)

Hov ghajbe'bogh ram rur pegh ghajbe'bogh jaj 
A day without secrets is like a night without stars. (PK)

matay'DI' vIHtaHbogh bIQ rur mu'qaDmey 
Between us, curses run like water. (PK)

toQDujna' rurchu' 
It [BoP ornament] looks so REAL! (Hallmark)

wa'DIch tlhIngan Dujmey luleghlu'pu'bogh rur qItI'nga' Duj. tera' vatlh DIS poH cha'maH wej HochHom lo'lu'taH 
Similar in configuration to the first Klingon vessels encountered, the K'Tinga-class remained in use for most of the 23rd century. (S15)

'ejyo' luch rurbe'qu' tlhIngan Duj luch 
Klingon starship design is vastly different from Starfleet technology. (SP3)

Doq 'ej beqpuj rur 
(it) is Doq and resembles beqpuj (an orange mineral) (KGT)

na'ran rur 
resembles a naran [i.e. "sweet"] (KGT)

Doq 'ej Qaj wuS rur 
be orange/red and resemble kradge lips. 
["The lips of the kradge are presumably a particular shade of brown."] (st.k 2/98)

lujang maS'e' loQ So'be'bogh QIb lurur 
they reply, shaped as the crescent moon. (PB, describing a bat’leth)

targh Darur vaj qaSam 'ej qaHoH (PB)

pIraQSIS maS bIngDaq pIgh rur SaqSub chIm choSlu’pu’bogh 
The Saq'sub lay empty and desolate under the Praxis moon. (PB)

SaqSubDaq pagh Qoylu' | Qong SuvwI'pu' puqpu' rur Heghrup loSlI' 
In the Saq'sub all is quiet, its warriors asleep, like children waiting for death to come. (PB)

QIt wa’ qa’ nuD veqlargh | QIt latlh qa’ nuD veqlargh | Hegh lurur mInDu’Daj 
Fek’lhr inspects them, One by one, With his deadly glance. (PB)

nge'wI' rurQo' bangna'; SIHlu'be'chu'. 
[lit. “A real lover refuses to be like a remover; (s)he is completely unbent.”] (Sonnet 116)

(KGT 5, “The Fiction of Klingon Conformity”):  All Klingons are not alike. To an outsider, Klingon society is often regarded as rather homogeneous, as if all Klingons behave and think in the same way. In fact, although there are a good many shared basic beliefs and understandings that hold Klingon society together and define what it means to be a Klingon, there is a great deal of variation. Thus, despite the veneration shown to warriors, not everyone is a warrior.

{rur}  used in similes: 

(KGT 27):  The first [sentence] attributes a quality to someone or something; the second makes use of the verb {rur} ("resemble") to link the quality to something that presumably epitomizes the quality.

( KGT 128f.) :  Some Klingons are rather creative in their use of this construction, making up a new simile on the spot for a given occasion. … This facility is an admirable one, demonstrating the speaker's wit and mastery of the language. … There are, in addition, a number of set phrases that are used repeatedly and are known by everyone.


ram; ghIlab ghew rur 
trivial as a glob fly (KGT)

HoSghaj; mupwI' rur 
powerful as a hammer. (KGT)

bIr; bortaS rur 
cold as revenge. (KGT)

 'up; yIH rur 
disgusting as a tribble. (KGT) 

puj verengan; bIQ rur 
the Ferengi is as weak as water (HQ 13.1:9)

... and many others.

nIb 		be identical (v)
rap 		be the same (v)
nel 		match, pair up, map onto; (v)
pIm 		be different (v)
Sar 		be varied, various (v)

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