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> On 11/22/2022 8:38 PM, zrajm wrote:
> Weell, from my point of view, being understood is kinda the whole point –
> or, at least, the Most Important point. :)
> If tru, y we no talk like this? U no wut me saying, but we no talk this
> way. Y?
This is in fact how some people talk (or, well, write). Have you never been
to the Internet? ;-)

> Because being understood is about more than just being able to piece
> together what the other person is trying to express. Language is a group of
> conventions that two communicators have in common. It is shared culture.
> Convention and redundancy are an essential part of language.
We don't know much about different registers of Klingon language outside of
the "Language Change and Staying Current" section of KGT, but it's not
inconceivable that Klingon teens write in such a sloppy manner on their
intergalactic chat apps. Of course, that's not a style the KLI wishes to

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