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> How about using «'ej» with the jIH-form of the previous verb?
> «juH qach vIghaj» (“I have a house.”)
> «'ej vIghaj» (“Me too”)

I don't think that works. Without the {je}, it feels like an object is
missing. For example, I would accept the following:

{juH qach vIghaj} "I have a house"
{'ej jem'IH vIghaj} "and I have a castle"

Without the object, {'ej vIghaj} sounds like "and I have it", but what is
"it"? It sounds like the speaker is claiming to also own the same building.

> «vIraS vIjaH vIneH» (“I want to go to France.”)
> «'ej vIneH» (“Me too”)

Whether it's {'ej vIneH} or {vIneH je}, I'd interpret that as the speaker
wishing the other person to go to France:

{vIraS vIjaH vIneH} "I want to go to France"
{'ej vIneH} "and I want it" / {vIneH je} "I want it too", i.e., "I also
want *you* to go to France".

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