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> Later, during the qepHom 2022, Marc Okrand clarified:
>      This is not used in the case of "I repaired the computer, it should
> work now". That's a different kind of "should".
>      The usage of this expression implies the decision of the person who
> should do something. Therefore, it is also not used in a phrase like "it
> should rain".

There was a question on the KLI Discord about whether {tlheb} implies
communication, or merely opinion?

For example, does {qagh luSop 'e' vItlheb} "they should eat gagh (in my
opinion)", "I urge them to eat gagh" (following the pattern of the given
examples in translation) mean that I've actually communicated to the
potential eaters what I think they should do, or does it merely state my
opinion to the listener without implying communication to the potential
eaters? Was this clarified?

In the given examples, the listener is also the intended subject of the
action, so it's ambiguous whether {tlheb} implies communication to the
subject of the action or not.

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