[tlhIngan Hol] Look what the vIghro' (or layyan, or taygher, or jeghwar) brought in.

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>Subject: Re: [tlhIngan Hol] Look what the vIghro' (or layyan, or
    taygher, or jeghwar) brought in.

>> lachvoH  (bee hive) -- Backwards, this is *Hov chal*, starry sky. Perhaps
>> the Beyhive (as in, Beyonc? & Co.) is a "sky full of stars"? Aside from
>> *'ImtIy*, though, Marc Okrand doesn't seem to make puns about twenty-first
>> century pop culture. Or else he would've made the word for "beaver"
>> something like *nItsaj* or *da'ghet*.
>MO has made more than a few puns that are apparently about semi-obscure recent
>television shows (see: *qIr'a'*, *'obray'wal*, *'eQway*), but in this case
>I suspect it's something more like:
>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beehive_Cluster, a star cluster known since

Oh, the Beehive Cluster? Can't say I've heard of it, but that looks as if it's it.

I've never been able to figure out *'obray'wal*. Does some TV show have a lawyer character named Beau Scorpio?

>> waDwach (scarf) -- Backwards this is "chow down" -- the OTHER meaning of
>> "scarf".
>*maj. vIparHa'.*

Me too! (However exactly a Klingon would say that!)

>I'm having trouble with some of the other new words so far, although while
>we're on the subject of puns, here's one I found recently:
>*rober* - axis. The Axis Powers in WWII were originally known as the
>"Rome-Berlin Axis"

Oh -- good one! I was stuck on thinking there was some connection with the French pronunciation of Robert.

Now we can insult people with:

"qaytu'pu'lI' qach DISDaq bIDab!"

BTW, I looked up Max Unger, and it turns out that's the real name of an athlete. From someone who inspired a word for bee/wasp, you'd think he was playing for the Charlotte /Hornets/, but there's no mention of that in his Wikipedia article.  
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