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>> I've been studying Welsh for a while. Welsh has a gazillion ways to say
>> *yes* or *no,* and you have to pick the right one for the right
>> circumstance. If someone asked me *Wyt ti'n hoffi cwrw?* ("Do you like
>> beer?") and I answered *Naddo* ("No" about a past-tense action) instead
>> of *Nac ydw* (literally "I am not"), I would have used the language
>> incorrectly but I daresay I would be understood. I'd just sound like an
>> idiot.
> You're right though, I might sound like an idiot. But maybe we all do when
> we speak Klingon? It's hard to tell what a Real Klingon would think (but It
> Is interesting to think about).

"Although a good many of the fine points are not covered, the sketch will
allow the student of Klingon to figure out what a Klingon is saying and to
respond in an intelligible, though somewhat brutish, manner. Most Klingons
will never know the difference." — The Klingon Dictionary

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