[tlhIngan Hol] Look what the vIghro' (or layyan, or taygher, or jeghwar) brought in.

James Landau savegraduation at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 22 18:47:04 PST 2022

Many new words for animals, clothes, and food! We can talk about bees now, and we finally have a word for "Ukraine"! It's also nice to have a word for turtleneck, since that's what I always wear.

My first stab at the puns:
Ho'latbeD (raison d'être / ikigai) -- Idol-shrine-bed

janIj (bra) -- Backwards, this is *jInaj*: "I dream". Wonderbra?

jva (confused prisoner) -- Jean Valjean?

lachvoH  (bee hive) -- Backwards, this is *Hov chal*, starry sky. Perhaps the Beyhive (as in, Beyoncé & Co.) is a "sky full of stars"? Aside from *'ImtIy*, though, Marc Okrand doesn't seem to make puns about twenty-first century pop culture. Or else he would've made the word for "beaver" something like *nItsaj* or *da'ghet*.

maqSung (bee, wasp) -- "Proclaim native"? Or maybe there's an actor named Mac Sung or Max Unger or something who played a hymenopteran role?

po'lIgh (sauce) -- Glop.

waDwach (scarf) -- Backwards this is "chow down" -- the OTHER meaning of "scarf".

wu'DIy (beaver) -- Woody, since beavers chew woody material.
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