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> In American Sign Language, they frequently sign “Same” with a “Y” hand
> shape (pinky and thumb extended from a fist), waving the hand between
> pointing the pinky at the other person and the thumb at the signer’s chest,
> with a facial expression appropriate to the subtleties of the specific
> comment.
> They don’t seem to get tired of it, since in addition to saying, “Me, too”
> it has an emotional sense of common identification. “I feel that same
> thing,” or “I feel the same way,” added to the “Been there, done that,” or
> “I want to do that, too.”

That's very similar to the meaning of the Swedish sign I was thinking of,
though in Swedish it is signed using the "V" hand with a downward striking
motion. And the sign is usually glossed as SAMMA (ie. "the same") in spoken
Swedish. Video of the sign: https://teckensprakslexikon.su.se/ord/04264

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