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> Or maybe the response could even abbreviated to just «je»? – Though I
> figure the pronoun is quite likely to be used for emphasis since that is
> new information the responder is wishing to convey.
> So, what do you think? Is «je jIH» better than «jIH je»? And what are you
> arguments for your belief? – Or should the phrase be avoided altogether and
> expressed some other way? How?
> In my opinion, the Klingon equivalent to *me too* is to repeat the verb
> in the first person and add a *je.* For example:
> Klingon 1: *romuluSnganpu' vImuS!* *I hate Romulans!*
> Klingon 2: *vImuS je!* *Me too!*
> Klingon 1: *SIbI' ruchbe'chugh chaH, jImej.*
> * If they don't get on with it right now, I'm leaving. *Klingon 2: *jImej
> je!* *Me too!*
I really like this approach. :)

Though it makes me think that Klingon 2 might abbreviate even more and just
say «je» alone (skipping the verb altogether). – This is a common practice
in (at least Swedish) sign language, though it seems a bit weird from an
English speaker's perspective.

Do you think that you (prior to this discussion) would've understood if
just a naked «je» was used? Or is that to abbreviate too much?

Klingon 1: *romuluSnganpu' vImuS!* *I hate Romulans!*
*Klingon 2: je! Me too!*

If the above is intelligible, it might only be so because the verb prefix
is unchanged, so that if the verb needs a prefix change between the two
statements, the whole verb would need to be repeated:

Klingon 1: *romuluSnganpu' muS!* *She/he hates Romulans!*
*Klingon 2: vImuS je! Me too!*

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