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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, November 19, 2022

Klingon word: ngoq
Part of speech: noun
Definition: code
Source: TKD

  "Maltz also said that now that everyone knows the word {meS} [knot], he can add that {meS} is a frequently used slang term for encrypt. Similarly, {meSHa'} means decrypt." (Lieven, 11/12/2014)

  {meS} is slang for encrypt. {So'} is the normal way to say encrypt, {So'Ha'} means decrypt with permission, and {baghHa'} means decrypt without permission. (qepHom 2014) 

  “A password or passcode is a {chaw' ngoq}.” (Lieven, 11/16/2014 < qepHom 2014)

  "A specific plan or stratagem usually has a code name ({per yuD} [literally, 'dishonest label']) coined especially for the occasion and not necessarily used again. ... Code names are the equivalent of Federation locutions such as Operation Cougar and are therefore often translated in that pattern" (KGT 48f)

  In 2372 while the IKC Drovna was docked at the DS9, Worf and Kurn covertly obtained the detonation codes and locations of the cloaked Klingon mines. (DS9 "Sons of Mogh")

  Shortly before her death in 2387, Ambassador K'Ehleyr was denied access to files on the Net (via a [subspace?] interlock from the Enterprise-D ) relating to the High Council's inquiries into the Khitomer Massacre because Council Member Duras had restricted the files to *du-ko-cha* clearance or higher; K'Ehleyr's own clearance of *pah-doQ-cha* was insufficient. (TNG: "Reunion")

  Capt. K’Vada provided Picard and Data the access codes to his Bird-of-Prey's computer. (TNG “Unification Pt. II”)

  Dukat and Kira beamed onto the Bird-of-Prey and, using Klingon transporter codes, beamed the Klingon crew to the freighter Groumall and the Cardassian crew to the Bird-of-Prey. (DS9 “Return to Grace”)

ngoqDe' 	encoded message (n) (ST5)
chaw' ngoq  	password,  passcode (n) (qepHom 2014)

naw' 		access (n)
Hung buv 	[security clearance/code] (n)

naw' 		access (v)

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