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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, November 12, 2022

Klingon word: 	luq
Part of speech: 	excl
Definition: 	yes, okay, I will
Source: 	TKD

luq joHwI' 
Yes, my lord. (ST3 & KGT)

luq, ratlh 
Okay, he remains. KCD (Lang. Lab)

(KGT 196f):  Because there are two forms of the word meaning Yes, I will-- {lu'} and {luq} --no confusion can result from mispronouncing /'/ as /q/. On the other hand, if /'/ is left off entirely and the word is pronounced {lu}, it may be taken to be the verb {lu}, meaning "fall (from power)", a status one probably does not want to attribute to someone in a position to give orders or grant requests.

(STK [ie. KCD novelization] p.23f [spelling as in book]):
   Then speaking to Pok, but looking directly into Vok's face, [K'Tar] said, "Throw this {veQ} out." 
   Pok stood and moved toward Vok, reaching for the unwanted guest.
   "{bIyem'a'!}" Vok said. 
   Pok stopped short of grabbing Vok... 
   "The celebration," Vok said, "was declared a {lop'no}. You have invited the spirits of all our Klingon ancestors. Tradition dictates that all are welcome to the {lop 'no]. Even ancient rivals. Even me, K'Tar." 
   "{Chut Quj}," K'Tar said. 
   "{Luq ratlh}," Pok said, almost spitting his words at Vok. 

lu'  		Yes! Okay! OK! I will! (excl.)
   lu' Ha' !
      Okay, let's go. (CK)
   lu', qaH! 
      Yes, sir! (KGT)
   lu' joHwI' 
      Yes, my Lord. (KGT)

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