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Klingon Word of the Day for Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Klingon word: 	jarjaj
Part of speech: 	noun
Definition: 	anniversary measured in months
Source: 	The Little Prince [TLP]

AFAIK never used in a sentence.  Lieven, is there an example in The Little Prince?

DISjaj  		anniversary measured in years (n) 
Hoghjaj: 	anniversary measured in weeks (n)

(TLP):  Maltz said there is a way (actually, several ways) to refer to an anniversary, which he characterized as a specific day on which one recognizes or remembers an event that occurred a set amount of time ago on that same date. The 'set amount of time' could be a year (what most people think of when they think of anniversary), but it could be another unit of time: a month or a week.
    DISjaj:     	anniversary measured in years
    jarjaj:      	anniversary measured in months (the three-month anniversary
                      	  of starting a new job, say)
    Hoghjaj: 	anniversary measured in weeks (the two-week anniversary of  
                      	  the day someone quit smoking, perhaps)
A one-year anniversary would be {DISjaj wa'} or {DISjaj wa'DIch} (Maltz had no preference). And so on. Maltz says that he's heard expressions like tupjaj, which is presumably an anniversary measured in minutes – the 10-minute 'anniversary' of someone not talking, maybe. He said this is a form of wordplay, not a 'real' word, but people do say things like this.

LAFORGE:  	Okay, Wesley, slow down. What is the problem? 
WESLEY:     	It's the tenth anniversary of Worf's Age of Ascension. 
LAFORGE:  	His what? 
WESLEY:    	The Klingon Age of Ascension. It's a ritual of great significance. A 
                   	rite of initiation marking a new level of Klingon spiritual attainment. 
DATA:        	And what is the significance of the anniversary of this event? 
WESLEY:    	It's a day of celebration and ritual spent with one's fellow Klingons. 
                   	Worf doesn't have any Klingon friends.   [TNG “The Icarus Factor”]

qoS 		birthday (n)
lop  		celebration (n) 
lop		celebrate (v)

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