[tlhIngan Hol] moon ph(r)ases, new adverbial {loQHa'}

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> De'vID:
> TKD section 6.7 says "The adverbial may actually follow the object noun
> (but still precede the verb) when the object noun is topicalized by means
> of the noun suffix {-'e'}", but it doesn't say it can't do so if {-'e'} is
> absent. So at least it's not explicitly ruled out in TKD. I guess someone
> will now have to pull up all the relevant info on head nouns and adverbials
> in relative clauses revealed since TKD to justify one way or the other
> whether {-'e'} is required here.
> That is an exception to the main rule that adverbials precede the object.
> So it is ruled out by the main rule.

In TKD section 5.4 it says "These words [i.e., adverbials] usually come at
the beginning of a sentence and describe the manner of the activity." (We
usually interpret "sentence" here to mean "clause", which includes relative
clauses.) It says "usually", not "always". The sentence in TKD 6.7 gives
one exception, but possibly there are other exceptions. Since more
information has been revealed about relative clauses and head nouns since
TKD was published, it may be the case that other exceptions have been
revealed, which was why I said I wasn't sure about it. But I can't think of
or locate any information about such exceptions myself, so I am inclined to
agree with you that this is an error or oversight.

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