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> For those whose Klingonaase is rusty, Mortas-Te-Kaase - also spelled  **mortaste
> kaase** - means "The Death's Hand".
>> Is this supposed to be Klingonaase or an Earth language? Mortas sounds
> like the Romance word for death and "kaase" sounds a lot like "käsi", the
> Finnish word for hand. "Mortaste" sounds a bit like the genitive form in
> Finnic languages, so it could be a Finnic language that has loaned the word
> for death.
> I hope it doesn't try to be alien. Even Okrandian puns aren't that obvious.

In the Mirror Universe, members of the Klingonaase Language Academy get
together to study the invented language and canonical works of John M.
Ford, and groan at the linguistic jokes therein.


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