[tlhIngan Hol] aspect with imperatives

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Fri May 6 06:10:24 PDT 2022

On 5/6/2022 8:39 AM, D qunen'oS wrote:
> chopumchoHpa', ngoD tIpojchu'pu'
> before you begin to accuse me, have examined the facts
> Would it be correct?
> Meaning that you need to have already examined the facts, before you 
> start throwing accusations.
> Of course, I could just write {chopumchoHpa', ngoDmey 
> bopojnISchu'pu'}, but the thing I'm wondering is whether it would be 
> right/acceptable to use aspect with imperatives.

It's grammatical. I don't know why you wouldn't just say *ngoD 
tipojchu'*/completely analyze the facts!/ (I also don't know why you 
want that *-choH* in there. *chopunpa', ngoD tIpojchu'!* /Before you 
accuse me, completely analyze the facts!/ It's not wrong; I just don't 
see the point of it.)

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