[tlhIngan Hol] adverb {rut} {motlh} and aspect {-pu'}

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Mon May 2 06:00:37 PDT 2022

On 5/2/2022 8:09 AM, D qunen'oS wrote:
> I want to describe the event of eating pizza, which took place in the 
> past, looking at it back from the present.
> In case we use the adverbs {pIj}/{roD}, then (if my understanding is 
> correct) we need to write:
> pIj pItSa' vISoppu'
> I've often eaten pizza
> (here the aspect {-pu'} is used)
> roD pItSa' vISop
> Customarily/habitually/regularly I've eaten pizza
> (here the aspect {-pu'} isn't used)

Whether or not *-pu'* is used doesn't depend on the meaning of the 
adverbial, but on the meaning of the sentence. If you're describing 
specific instances of actions, use *-pu'.* If you're describing habits 
or tendencies without specific instances, don't use *-pu'.*

In English, the difference might be expressed thus:

/During the previous summer, I often ate pizza. /(You're describing 
specific instances of pizza-eating, so this is perfective.)

/During the previous summer, I would often eat pizza./ (You're 
describing a tendency to eat pizza. That /would/ is the key to 
recognizing the imperfective nature of the idea.)

> Now, suppose we want to say "in the past, sometimes/occasionally I've 
> eaten pizza", and we're looking back on the event. Do we need to use 
> the {-pu'} here?

Same consideration. Are you describing the eating of pizza or the 
tendency to eat pizza? It's not about the adverbial; it's about what 
you're describing.

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