[tlhIngan Hol] new word {pal'ar} "kinsperson, family member"

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> What is the difference between *pal'ar *and *chuD* "people, kin, members
> of the same tribe/clan"? It seems that both could be used to refer to the
> relatives of a person.

{pal'ar} refers to a family member (a member of one's {qorDu'}). It refers
to people related by blood (it's used in the paq'batlh to refer to Kahless'
brother and father), and possibly also by marriage (though there's no usage
to confirm the latter).

{tuqnIgh} refers to a member of a Klingon House (a {tuq}). We've seen
examples of Klingons joining the House of some who was not related by blood
(e.g., Worf joining the House of Martok).

{chuD} is more general and refers to a broader group. It's used in Star
Trek Into Darkness, where it was used by Uhura, in speaking to a Klingon
leader, to refer to the people who are with him. I don't think they were
necessarily his blood relatives, though I suppose they might've been
members of the same House. Uhura presumably doesn't know their exact
relationship and might've been taking a guess or being deferential or

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