[tlhIngan Hol] comparison construction with type-6 suffixes

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(p. 127, line 18) {SoH rallaw' law' Hoch rallaw' puS}

This sentence seems to introduce new grammar, so I just wanted to make sure
it was correct. Is this sentence a demonstration that, in a comparison
construction, the verb of quality can take type-6 suffixes? (Previously, we
were told that the verbs {law'} and {puS} could take the suffix {-be'}, but
I didn't find any other instances of verb suffixes in such constructions.)

[snip: a discussion of proposed revisions that didn't make the final cut.
I'm not going to quote it because Dr. Okrand was sounding out rough ideas
and I don't want it taken out of context. The final version that he
selected and approved is below.]

Can type-6 suffixes be added to the {law'}/{puS}? Would *{SoH ral law'law'
Hoch ral puSlaw'} be meaningful or just ungrammatical?

Yes. In fact, {SoH ral law’law’ Hoch ral puSlaw’} is preferable to what’s
in there now.

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