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>> There are canon examples of {rav} being used by itself to indicate a
>> minimum:
>> {Hung buv rav: patlh Hut} "Classified Level 9 and Above" (Bird of Prey
>> poster)
>> {nen rav: chorgh ben} "Ages 8 to adult" (Klingon Monopoly)
> I knew about those two, but they're phrased differently than the
> {rav/'aqroS} construction. The {rav/'aqroS} construction puts the {rav}
> before the value of the lower bound, and is used in a larger sentence.
> Those two examples have {rav} at the end of the thing whose bounds are
> being described, and are used in a sort of standalone "label noun phrase:
> value noun phrase" context. They're different enough from the {rav/'aqroS}
> construction that I didn't think they'd work so well as supporting evidence
> for using half of a {rav/'aqroS} construction by itself.

In every instance, {rav} precedes the value of the lower bound:

{[rav cha' 'uj] 'aqroS loS 'uj} (at least 2 ujes)

{[rav DaSjaj] 'aqroS buqjaj} (at least Monday, Monday at the earliest)

{QujwI' ghom [rav cha'] 'aqroS jav} (at least 2 players)

The examples in my previous email are just truncated versions of this

{Hung buv [rav patlh Hut]} (at least level 9)

{nen [rav chorgh ben]} (at least 8 years old)

The fact that a colon is placed after {rav} in some cases to indicate a
label makes it *look* different, but punctuation isn't really part of the
Klingon writing system. The pattern is still "(thing bounded) {rav} (lower
bound value)".

I think the following sentences are grammatical, and follow the same

{rav cha' 'uj 'aqroS loS 'uj 'ab naQ} "the stick measures between 2 and 4

{QujwI' ghom rav cha' 'aqroS jav wIpoQ} "we need a group of 2 to 6 players"

{QujwI' ghom rav cha' wIpoQ} "we need a group of at least 2 players"

{De'vam leghlu'meH, Hung buv rav patlh Hut poQlu'} "in order for one to see
this data, security classification of at least level 9 is required"


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