[tlhIngan Hol] some info on {jatlh} and {jang}

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Fri Jun 17 09:50:21 PDT 2022

On 6/17/2022 12:40 PM, Will Martin wrote:
> I thought that long ago, we concluded that the prefix trick only 
> worked with first or second person object implied by the prefix 
> specifically because, as you say, if the prefix makes sense to refer 
> to the direct object, the prefix is for the direct object, not an 
> implied indirect object.
> chab qanob.
> chab chonob.
> I have not seen an instance where a third-person-object prefix worked 
> for the prefix trick. I don’t think any context could make a prefix 
> trick work with a third person indirect object.
> Of course, I’m quite often wrong. Like the James Taylor song, “That’s 
> Why I’m Here."

Go back and read the previous threads on this. Okrand said that when he 
only addressed first- and second-person objects, he was simplifying, and 
that it does work with third-person objects provided it's unambiguous 
that the object referred to by the prefix can't reasonably be the direct 
object of the verb. This is new information.


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