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> One other question regarding *HochHom*. For now it has only been used
> after a noun, but can it precede a countable noun? Can I say *HochHom
> tlhInganpu' **most Klingons*?

There were a bunch of unanswered questions about the grammar of {Hoch},
{HochHom}, {'op}, {pagh}, {bID}, and {loch} among my questions sent to Dr.
Okrand that were raised by the paq'batlh, which he hasn't answered. Maybe
he'll write something about it after the paq'batlh is out, or maybe he

My own belief is that {HochHom} should be usable wherever {Hoch} is (and
vice versa). So I'd understand {HochHom tlhInganpu'} as like {Hoch
tlhInganpu'}, but lesser: "most Klingons, collectively". But that usage is

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