[tlhIngan Hol] {net X} vs. {'e' Xlu'}

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Sat Jun 11 18:36:00 PDT 2022

On 6/11/2022 9:41 AM, Will Martin wrote:
> While we are celebrating new potential complexity, since that seems to 
> be the whole point of this list much of the time, let’s look closer at 
> something I haven’t seen anyone mention yet:
> SAO is actually SAOOAS. One sentence is the object of another 
> sentence. When we were introduced to this construction, both sentences 
> were simple main clauses. The larger new thing here (than {Xlu’ ‘e’ 
> Ylu’} is the idea that it’s fine for the second sentence to be a 
> dependent clause of yet another main clause.

That's not new. *Ha'DIbaH DaSop 'e' DaHechbe'chugh yIHoHQo'* was in /The 
Klingon Way./ He later gave us the irrealis construction *net jalchugh.* 
It's probably been done elsewhere.

Virtually everywhere Okrand says "sentence" in TKD, he actually means 
"verbal clause." This is demonstrated often, including the fact that you 
can use "sentence" conjunctions between subordinate clauses.

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