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Mon Jun 6 08:08:03 PDT 2022

Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, June 04, 2022

Klingon word: Soj
Part of speech: noun
Definition: matter, concern, affair (idiomatic)
Source: HQ v10n4 p.5, QelIS boqHarmey

(HolQeD 12.3 p.9):  All this talk of pseudohonor and nonhonor logically led to a discussion of honor itself, normally expressed by the nouns {quv} and {batlh}, both usually defined as simply honor. When asked to distinguish between the two, Maltz said, "{tlhIngan Soj 'oH — not bIyaj}," literally, "It is Klingon food — you will not understand," using {Soj} "food" in its idiomatic sense of "matter, concern, affair".

(Klingon Alice, p.239):  The idiomatic meaning of the verb {Soj} can also be used to express the idea of “mind your own business.” In these sentences, it means concern, that is, something of interest or importance to someone.

wanI' 		phenomenon, event, occurrence (n)
ghu' 		situation (n)
Dotlh 		status (n)

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