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> Ok, thanks!
> The only "problem" with this matter, is that -if I understand correctly-
> we can't use {ngIq} on a noun with a number. For example we can't say:
> ngIq Soch yIn vIghro'
> each of the seven lives of a cat
> (In Greece cats are considered to have seven lives).

Right. I think this would be disallowed by the rule that the noun following
{ngIq} can't be explicitly plural, since {Soch} would make {yIn} plural.

I actually did suggest to Dr. Okrand that one option to disambiguate the
meaning of {ngIq} might be to use {wa'} with it (like the somewhat
redundant "one single X" in English). He wrote: <If I’m right about the
“one after another” interpretation of {ngIq}, I don’t think {wa’ ngIq} or
{ngIq wa’} is needed (whether it’s grammatical or not).>

(His reference to his interpretation is to this sentence, which I quoted
earlier: <The notion of sequence, of “one after the other,” comes from the
way the world (universe? galaxy?) works. Unless things are happening
simultaneously, they’re happening one after the other.>)

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