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Mon Jun 6 07:04:45 PDT 2022

I’m sure that De’vID or Lieven will respond to your question, but while we wait here’s an example with {tuch} to study (the only one AFAIK):

’ach ’ejyo’ qangtlhIn nIb pabtaH ’ej vangwI’ najwI’ je puq poH
   SIghbogh tuch’e’ lujalbogh ngotlhwI’pu’ boptaH.
… while embracing the same ideology and hope for the future
  that inspired a generation of dreamers and doers.
  [DSC Netflix Klingon Announcement]

N.B this is not a literal translation.

From: tlhIngan-Hol On Behalf Of D qunen'oS

> other contexts may call for
> {qaStaHvIS tuch} or {tuch} as a time stamp

Although I followed the relevant discussion at Discord, I still don't understand when {tuch} on its' own should be used as a timestamp, instead of {qaSDI' tuch} and {qaStaHvIS tuch}.
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