[tlhIngan Hol] {law'} {puS} construction with {je} "too"

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Fri Jun 3 07:10:54 PDT 2022

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> yaS yoH law' jagh yoH puS
> the officer is braver than the enemy
> mang yoH law' jagh yoH puS je
> the soldier is braver than the enemy too
> Can we use {je} "too" this way?

I would understand it, but we have no information that this is correct
(though it might be).

TKD 5.3: <The noun conjunction {je} has an additional function: when it
follows a verb, it means "also, too". {qaleghpu' je} "I also saw you, I saw
you too">

What's the "verb" in a comparative construction? It might be that you have
to put {je} after each {yoH}, or it might be that {je} follows both {law'}
and {puS}. We simply don't know. I'd avoid it.

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