[tlhIngan Hol] pre-qep'a' "early" KLCP exams

Alan Anderson alan at kli.org
Tue Jun 14 19:44:45 PDT 2022

*KLCP exams will be held soon.*
Klingon Language Certification Program exams are going to be offered during
the period of June 23 through June 25. They will be held online via the KLI
web site with video chat proctoring on the KLI Discord server. In order to
participate, you need to be a KLI member on the web site
https://www.kli.org/ (either guest or paid membership is accepted) and you
need to have been assigned the /KLI meb/ or /KLI vInda'/ Discord role. See
the link at the bottom of this email for the full announcement on Discord.

*What's this about?*
If you don't know what KLCP is, you're probably not in a position to
attempt to pass an exam. See https://www.kli.org/activities/klcp/ for

*Attention: this is in addition to, not instead of, testing during qep'a'.*
There will still be testing sessions offered during qep'a' in July. This is
just an opportunity to try in advance so you don't have to miss out on any
of the qep'a' programming, either scheduled or informal.

*What do you need to do?*
If you're following the KLI Discord server, you probably already knew this,
and you have probably already taken the appropriate action.

If you aren't already on Discord, you can find a current invitation at
Once you have joined the KLI Discord, tag the @KLI yaS and let them know
what user id you signed up with on the KLI web site. The #general channel
is appropriate for this. If you don't understand what this means, just post
in #general and ask for help.

After you join the KLI Discord and get the proper role, or if you're
already a participant there but haven't been paying attention, read the
relevant post in the #announcements channel. Here's a link directly to the
announcement, which includes complete information and pointers to the
individual levels' reservation posts. (You won't be able to read everything
until you've received the necessary role.)


Alan / ghunchu'wI'
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