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> {ngIq raQ - 150 QaS} "outposts cost 150 each"
> {ngIq X} means "one X out of a bunch of Xs", so
> {ngIq raQ} means "each X". In most cases,
> {Hoch X} means the same thing

So, in this case, if instead {ngIq raQ - 150 QaS} we had {Hoch raQ - 150
QaS}, then the meaning would be exactly the same, right?

> There's actually one place in the paq'batlh
> where "one by one" wasn't translated using {ngIq}

What's that place?

Anyway, to summarize all this, (and see if I understand this correctly)
I'll write two examples:


{vabDot tlhIngan Hol ghItlhmey vIqonbogh laDchugh pagh, ngIq chuSwI''a'
Sa'Hut vInobbe'}.

The only thing that the the above can mean is "I don't give a single rat's
ass, even if no one reads the Klingon that I write". Obviously, it cannot
mean that "I don't give the ass of one rat, then I don't give the ass of
the next one, then of the next one, and so on.. ."

Also, it would be weird to write the above with {Hoch} instead of {ngIq},
since that would mean "I don't give each rat's ass", and perhaps it would
be equally weird to use {wa'} instead of {ngIq} (although less weird that
{Hoch}), since that would mean "I don't give one rat's ass". Although, I
feel the {wa'} variation to be closer the the {ngIq} original. Perhaps the
{ngIq} variation has more of an "emphatic" flavor.. Whatever.


{vIghro' jIH net jalchugh, 'elaDya'vaD ngIq yInwIj vInob}.

The only thing this sentence can mean is "if I was a cat, I'd give each of
my lives for Greece", with the meaning being "I give my first life for
Greece, then I give the second, then the third, etc.."

Obviously it cannot mean "if I was a cat, I'd give a single life for
Greece", because I'm no jay' traitor. I'd give *all* my lives for Greece in
a heartbeat.

And for the same reason, I would never use {wa'} instead of {ngIq}, because
only a traitor cat would give only one of its' lives for its' country,

Now, suppose I wrote:

{vIghro' jIH net jalchugh, 'elaDya'vaD Hoch yInwIj vInob}

This would obviously mean: "if I was a cat, I'd give each of my lives for
Greece". But here, it isn't made clear that the way in which I'd give them,
would be in succession, one after the other.

I hope my understanding is correct, because now that I think of this
matter, after almost seven years of Klingon, and after having written my
brains out in this so-called language, I've never used {ngIq} not even
once. I hope that after this thread this will change.

Ζεὺς ἦν, Ζεὺς ἐστίν, Ζεὺς ἔσσεται· ὦ μεγάλε Ζεῦ
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