[tlhIngan Hol] verb prefix on XvaD Y ponglu' construction when Y is plural

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I would still use the singular verb prefix, since even though the English word is plural, it's still only one name. If, on the other hand, there were multiple festivals and each was called with the singular of the word, I would use a plural suffix.

yupma'vaD «jajmey Dun» ponglu'.
The festival is called "Great days".

Great days is the name of the festival. It has only one name, and the plural suffix is a part of the name.

yupma'meyvaD «jajmey Dun» luponglu'.
The festivals are called "Great days".

A single festival is called "jaj Dun", so the plural is not part of the name.

As far as I know, there is no canonical evidence to support this though.

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> Sometime ago, I wanted to say "they called the festival the panatheneans".
> So, initially I wrote {yupma'vaD panatheneans ponglu'}.
> But immediately I realized that the word "panatheneans" is plural; I can't translate it exactly in English, but it's like saying "the all Athenses". And by saying "Athenses" I mean the plural of the word "Athens". As if there are many cities, each by the name of Athens, and we're meaning all of them.
> (Perhaps, a similar example would be "they called the festival 'all solstices'").
> Anyway, back to the original question.. Since the word "panatheneans" is plural, what should I write?
> yupma'vaD panatheneans ponglu'
> yupma'vaD panatheneans luponglu'
> Which of the two would be the correct choice?
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