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That’s exactly what I wanted. qatlho’.

SuStel seems to be under the impression that we disagreed somehow. I completely agree with everything he said.

My point is that the question was about formal/informal, and as SuStel clearly stated, the prefix trick is not informal, but the example given wasn’t merely one where the boundary between formal and informal tells you anything meaningful. Religious ceremony is a specific, additionally restrictive subset of “formal”, frequently exclusive of what is otherwise acceptable formal speech. If you use acceptable, formal academic or formal legal speech in a religious ceremony, you may believe that you have satisfied religious speech and find yourself quite mistaken.

If you want to know if something is acceptable religious speech, you need to examine canon examples of religious speech, independent of whether or not your example satisfies what is otherwise acceptable formal speech. Formal speech could be as simple as what a child would say to his respected grandfather, as contrasted to what he’d say to a playmate.


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> Does it make sense to wonder whether the prefix trick is to be used in less formal occasions, than the "full form" of the sentence?
> For example, in a religious ceremony comes a point where one needs to say to the other "and now I give you the knife".
> {tIqwIj Sa'angnIS} is a sacred phrase said during the Rite of Ascension, which symbolises the attainment of a certain spiritual level. I think it qualifies as a "religious ceremony". See TKW p.203.
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