[tlhIngan Hol] How to say *Doctor Who*, *do*, restrictiveness of adjectives and some other short questions

luis.chaparro at web.de luis.chaparro at web.de
Fri Jul 22 14:26:29 PDT 2022

> It's hard to tell whether something is Clipped Klingon or not. I'm afraid I cannot answer your question definitively. I do not know that Dochvam nuq is substituting for Dochvam 'oH or if nuq is acting like a verb in its own right here. Or if it's Clipped Klingon for Dochvam 'oH nuq'e' (there are some canonical examples of this). I do not know whether nuq mI'lIj is Clipped Klingon for nuq 'oH mI'lIj'e'. All I can tell you is that we've seen it both ways, and so far as I know we don't have enough information to confidently analyze the grammar.

Just to be sure I understand: If I want to ask *What is a tricorder?*, I could say *Hoqra' nuq?*, *nuq Hoqra'?*, *nuq 'oH Hoqra''e'?* or *Hoqra' 'oH nuq'e'?*, all of them being correct and with the same meaning?

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