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James Landau savegraduation at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 24 16:30:59 PDT 2022

*yItQet* (petroleum, crude oil): Backwards, this is Tekretiy, as in Al-Tikriti, the surname of Saddam Hussein. Hussein was born in Tikrit, Iraq, with rich oil reserves, and there were not one but two American wars against him that are widely believed to this day to have been oil wars.

*'ImtIy* (animal like a llama or alpaca): Backwards, this is *yIt*, meaning "walk", followed by *mI'*, meaning "dance" – a reference to the song "Walk the Llama Llama" from The Emperor's New Groove.

Also, I finally figured out the pun behind *DayqIr* (honey): Backwards, *dayqIr* becomes *rIq yaD*. As in HONEY, I Shrunk the KIDS starring RICK Moranis!
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