[tlhIngan Hol] It's time to act!

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Mon Feb 28 08:52:23 PST 2022

Off the top of my head:  {DaH yIvang jay'!}  "Just @#$% leave already!"  (Klingons are seldom subtle.)
Although they're not quite what you want there are a couple of idioms available:  {nargh 'eb} and {pel'aQDaj ghorpa'} "before it's too late, while there's still time".  Something like {bImejnIS narghpa' 'eb} "you need to leave before the opportunity escapes" or {pel'aQDaj ghorpa' DaH yImej} "leave now while you've got a chance!".

Don't forget {ruch} "proceed, go ahead, do it", {lum} "postpone, procrastinate" and {mIm} "delay.  And you could vary the adverbial: {qen} "recently, a short time ago", {tugh} "soon", {SIbI'} "immediately".


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I just got confronted with a question from a beginner, who wanted to express the idea of saying "It's about time for you to leave" and I could not think of a good way to express that in Klingon.

This expression (at least in German) is used when you observe something that has been annoying for a very long time, and nobody said anything or intervened, but then at some point, the thing gets so annoying that you say "It's time that somebody acts" or "We have reached a level where it's getting too much. It's time for this kid to go home."

I'm not sure my brain is just blocked; Maybe I'm overseeing some idiom.

Any suggestions, besides from the obvious {DaH yIvang}?


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