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And the list goes on. I’m digging a ditch and everything is going well until I hit a large root. I get excited. This excitation ups my adrenalin so I can deal with the root, which requires a level of physical exertion and focused situational evaluation unnecessary up to this point.

I’m at a party. Somebody punches me in the nose. I get excited. My mind races through my martial arts training as I prepare to fend off further physical assault while evaluating what kind of retaliation might prove most surprising and effective.

It’s a hot summer day and I’m driving down the highway. An animal scurries across the road in front of me and I swerve, not particularly because I’m trying to save the animal as because I’d just as soon not have to clean its entrails off the car later. As I swerve, I notice that, gee, hot pavement. My tires break traction. I’m skidding sideways. I get excited. My mind thumbs through pages of stuff I learned about defensive driving and handling a skid so I can get the car facing in the direction of travel before it leaves the road.

Excitement isn’t so much a quality of emotion as it is an intensity. It can be an extreme state of euphoria, anger, fear, triumph, insanity, jealousy, a psychotic break, a manic phase of manic depression, or a momentary spike in a chronic hatred. Mass murderers get excited before they kill a bunch of people and then themselves. People who want to commit suicide, but can’t bring themselves to do it, attack armed police trying to force the police to kill them so they don’t have to kill themselves, and while doing this they tend to be remarkably excited. Domestic abuse involves a lot of excitement as does candy presented to toddlers or toddlers presented to grandmothers.

It is to your emotions what an afterburner is to a jet engine. It’s not sustainable, but it’s very useful for a situation requiring a sprint-like energy or quality of attention.

I don’t think of excitement as being either exclusively positive or negative. It has more to do with intensity than whatever it is that is causing the intensity. It’s a spike of emotional energy. What kind of emotion? jISaHbe’.

charghwI’, retired.

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>> De'vID:
>> {Sey} probably *can* be used in a sexual context where the English "excited/exciting" might be used, but that's really just the normal meaning of the word applied to that context, and I don't see how it can be a source of confusion in general.
>> In Finnish the word doesn't have any sexual connotations and there is a separate word that has only sexual connotations. I don't see how it can be "applied to sex".
>> I was reading nuq bop bom and it has several sexual scenes. How do I know if Sey refers to just general excitement or sexual excitement? I understand people want to talk about sexual things in Klingon, but I'd feel more comfortable when I know that a scene is supposed to have sexual tones and when it isn't. For example, when someone is excited when meeting someone, does that mean that they are happy because they meet them or because they have sexual feelings form them? I don't think it should be ambiguous.
> Context.
> Situation 1: I meet a friend I haven't seen in years. To say that I am excited means I am experiencing heightened emotions of happiness or nostalgia upon seeing them.
> Situation 2: I hear some really good news about an upcoming event. To say that I am excited means I am experiencing heightened anticipation regarding the event.
> Situation 3: I see a strange woman whom I find attractive. To say that I am excited means I am experiencing heightened feelings of romance and/or sexual desire.
> (Sorry, this next one is graphic.)
> Situation 4: I am in bed with the woman, and she looks down at my penis and says that I'm excited. It has the same literal meaning as Situation 3, but in this case it is a euphemism meaning that my penis is erect.
> (Again, sorry, but it illustrates the power of context.)
> Situation N: There are any number of other situations where the word excited refers to heightened emotions or electric charge or quantum energy states. We understand which meaning is intended because of context.
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