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There are many canon examples of Clipped Klingon used both when talking to superiors and when superiors are talking to lower-ranking people. It is not impolite to use Clipped Klingon. In fact, KGT says that it is actually impolite to use non-clipped Klingon when Clipped Klingon is expected. Depending on your situation, this might well be the case.

Politeness to a superior is indicated with -neS, qaH (in military context), joHwI' (to a house leader), etc. etc. In the context of worship, QunwI' or similar expression might be suitable.

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> Suppose there's a priest of Melkor in his temple at Armenelos.
> This priest starts invoking Melkor, and during the ritual he wants to say things like "approach", "manifest", "reveal yourself". But the priest worships Melkor; he doesn't approach him the way he'd approach a lesser spirit, which he'd perhaps try to force/bind/constrain.
> So the question is, in such a setting, in a setting where a god is worshipped, is the use of clipped Klingon appropriate?
> Could the priest of Melkor say to him {nargh}, {ghoS}, {'ang'egh}? Or would the use of clipped Klingon in an occasion like this be considered inappropriate/disrespectful?
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