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Thanks for the correction.  It’s nice having more options for Klingon critters.

qovIj                     canine-like creature (smaller than a {ngavyaw'}) (n)
(qep’a’ 2019):   “a smaller animal, similar to Kruge's pet“
PUN:   backwards it’s {jIvoq} “I trust” (*Fido* in Latin!)

Hmm… “similar to Kruge's pet”

ngavyaw'             canine-like creature (larger than a {qovIj}) (n)
(qep’a’ 2019):   “a large animal, like the creatures that accompany
                            the guards on Rura Penthe”
Memory Alpha calls them "jackal mastiffs".
PUN: “White Fang” backwards? (ie. the wolfdog in Jack London’s novel)


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On 2/14/2022 10:05 AM, Steven Boozer wrote:

Klingon word: Qogh

Definition: *kkhog*, type of animal

Does this refer to Kruge's pet reptile-dog, Warrigul, seen in ST3?  Cf. https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Klingon_monster_dog<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Klingon_monster_dog__;!!BpyFHLRN4TMTrA!ooDIeD-o-_0vyhXisd_9CfdYaXVEQQJmcg13XqgjrGYKFryzzIJp_Im_Q4nrGhQNiE0$>  and  http://memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/Warrigul<https://urldefense.com/v3/__http:/memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/Warrigul__;!!BpyFHLRN4TMTrA!ooDIeD-o-_0vyhXisd_9CfdYaXVEQQJmcg13XqgjrGYKFryzzIJp_Im_Q4nrA0knNbE$>

Nope! That's a qovIj.
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