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majQa'! ghorgh tlhIngan wI'qIyDaq qepHom paqHom tenwal mIlloghmey lI'lu'?
bIH vIlaD reH 'e' vItIv.

On Thu, Feb 3, 2022 at 12:03 PM Lieven L. Litaer <levinius at gmx.de> wrote:

> somebody asked how to express the idea of things happening
> automatically, like machines, doors, ets. Okrand answered this at
> #qepHom2021, (qepHom booklet p. 14)
> http://klingon.wiki/En/NewWordsQepHom2021
> text for reference archived in
> http://klingon.wiki/En/Automatic
> <<<<<<<
> For machines, mechanical devices, automatic doors, etc., make use of -'egh:
> poS'eghmoH lojmIt
> "the door opens automatically"
> (lit. "the door opens itself")
> 'or'egh muD Duj
> "the airplane runs automatically, the airplane is on autopilot"
> (lit. "the airplane operates itself")
> If you've set something up to happen on its own, like paying bills from
> your bank account, the -'egh option doesn't work. You wouldn't say that
> bills pay themselves, however desirable that might be. You might say
> qav'ap DIlmeH beylI' mabwIj ghunlu'ta' "my bank account has been
> programmed to pay the fee" or, less literally, "My bank pays the fee
> automatically" or even "I pay the fee automatically."
> If to do something automatically means to do it routinely, use roD
> "customarily, habitually, regularly."
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