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DI'onmeyna'Daj 'agh 'aghqu' 'aghchu' is grammatical and has three clauses. What SuStel meant is that the interpretation where all verbs are part of the same sentence is not grammatical (I'm not sure why that is relevant).

Punctiation of Klingon is arbitrary and voluntary. Sometimes Okrand doesn't punctuate at all. It is grammatical and correct to not punctuate. However, for clarity, it is a good principle to use commas and periods when appropriate. In this case, «DI'onmeyna'Daj 'agh, 'aghqu', 'aghchu'»would make clear that the verbs form different sentences (and are indeed verbs and not nouns/names, which one could think if assuming that they are all part of one clause).

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> See my notes on punctuation.
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> jIH:
>> qanchoHtaHvIS nuv, choHbe'; not choHbej vay'.
>> 'a qaStaHvIS yInDaj DISmey, DI'onmeyna'Daj 'agh 'aghqu' 'aghchu'
> SuStel:
>> I wouldn't have any problem with someone stacking verbs
>> this way in speech, but I wouldn't necessarily call it grammatical
> I'm afraid I can't understand this.
> In the {DI'onmeyna'Daj 'agh 'aghqu' 'aghchu'} sentence, the {DI'onmeyna'Daj} is the object of the {'agh}, and the subject of {'agh} is an omitted {vay'}. Can't the following verbs {'aghqu'}/{'aghchu'} have an omitted {DI'onmeyna'Daj}/{vay'} as object/subject?
> I understand the reasoning why just writing {qaStaHvIS yInDaj DISmey, DI'onmeyna' 'aghtaH} is better, but I can't understand why the original sentence could be considered ungrammatical. I'm wondering whether there's something I'm missing regarding omitting subjects/objects.
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