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Klingon Word of the Day for Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Klingon word: 	jejHa'
Part of speech: 	verb
Definition: 	be blunt (of blades)

'etlh QorghHa'lu'chugh ragh 'etlh nIvqu' 'ej jejHa'choH 
Even the best blade will rust and grow dull unless it is cared for. TKW

jejHa'; naH taj rur 
dull as a vegetable knife KGT

jejHa' pach 
The claw is dull. KGT
(KGT 85):  When talking about the quality of a dish, one may say … {jejHa' pach} ("The claw is dull"; in other words, the food is bland, where {jejHa'} [dull] really means something like de-sharpened).
(KGT 126):  If the food is bland, one may say {jejHa' pach} ("The claw is dull"). 

N.B. Don't confuse with {qetlh} "be dull, uninteresting".

jej  		be sharp (v)
  - "When talking about the quality of a dish, one may say {jej pach} (The claw is sharp; that is, the food is pungent)" (KGT 85)
  - "To say {jej pach} (The claw is sharp) is to say that the food is pungent--that is, good." (KGT 126)
  - moQDaq DuQwI'Hommey jej tu'lu'  
      A brutally spiked pommel fastens the hilt together. (SP2)
  - leghlaHchu'be'chugh mIn lo'laHbe' taj jej  
      A sharp knife is nothing without a sharp eye. (TKW)
  - qatlh jej taj 
      Why is the knife sharp? (KGT)
  - jejjaj tajlIj  
      May your knife be sharp. (KGT)
  - tajlIj jejjaj  
      May your knife be sharp. (toast) (KGT)
  - jej; Daqtagh rur  
      sharp as a *d'k tahg*  (KGT: common simile)
  - nuHmeyraj tIQorgh | watlh 'Iwraj 'e' lu'aghmo' nuHmey jej  
      [Kahless spoke to them] about caring for their weapons, for they represent the purity of their blood. (PB)

naHjej 		thistle (n)
  -   "a thistle (a flower with dangerously sharp leaves) is a {naHjej} (literally, 'sharp fruit')" (KGT 88)
naQjej 		spear (n)

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